Ka hikitia! Ka hikitia! Hiki hikitia!  Tēnei te ara, ko te ara o ngā mātua tupuna he ara oranga, poipoia ngā mokopuna ngā rangatira mo apopo, ka tihei, tihei mauri ora!

Te Akatea Māori Principals Association seek Māori Achievement Collaborative (MAC) facilitators to work in the Auckland region to deliver the MAC Kaupapa. These positions are fixed term from 28th January 2020 up to 27th January 2022. Applicants would need to be either a MOE accredited facilitator or be successful in applying for this.  This would require experience as a leadership facilitator i.e.; Principal mentor, cluster lead Principal.  The applicant would need to have either current or past experience as a Principal and successful leadership of Māori education including work with whānau, hapū and iwi.  This is an exciting professional leadership, learning and development opportunity.  You would work with a highly committed team at the forefront of innovation, who are transforming thinking and practice of Principals and schools across the country and making a positive difference to not only Māori students but all students. 



●    An MOE accredited facilitator or successful in applying for facilitation accreditation

●    High performing experienced principal at the leadership stage 3

●    Culturally responsive leadership that impacts on Maori success

●    Passion for Te Reo Maori and Tikanga

●   Evidence that through effective leadership facilitation there has been an improvement in knowledge, skills and abilities of staff and in outcomes for Māori students.

●    Collaborative and open minded

●    Proven and credible experience in working with Maori students, whanau and iwi


If you wish to apply, please forward a letter of application, your current CV along with two referees to Hoana Pearson (Te Pitau Mātauranga - National MAC Coordinator) hoana@mac.ac.nz or phone 0210664152.


Applications close 11th October 2019



Job Description



  • Hoana Pearson – Te Pītau Mātauranga (National Coordinator - MACS)

  • Damon Ritai – Te Kauhoe Mātauranga


  • Te Pītau Mātauranga – Hoana Pearson

  • Regional Coordinators

  • Regional Facilitators

  • MOE Regional Offices


  • Individual Kura & Schools

  • Communities of Learning

  • Regional Principals’ Associations

Position Summary

The position will require you to assist with the development and consolidation of the MAC Kaupapa under the Te Akatea Māori Principals’ Association as a Provider Organisation. You will be required to work with designated clusters in specified regions to implement their cluster delivery and development plans.

This role is an evolving role and as we undertake internal review the role will evolve and change accordingly.

To monitor, support, lead and report on the implementation of MACs in participating Kura/Schools/Clusters in your specified region

To work closely with Te Pītau Mātauranga, Ngā Kauhoe Mātauranga and Nga Hoe Mātauranga across the motu;

To collaborate in the development of, and implementation of the MAC Kaupapa and its component parts;

To ensure goal and deliverable requirements are met and reported on;

To facilitate the MAC Kaupapa in the specified region – responsibility for facilitation outside of your designated region will be negotiated as demands arise;

To ensure delivery of a high quality and consistent PLD of the MAC Kaupapa;

To hold high standards and expectations of all involved in the MAC Kaupapa.;

To positively promote and encourage participation in the MAC Kaupapa;

To uphold the mana and dignity of all; and to be a role model of excellence.


  • Actively promote an organisational culture which reflects the values and service philosophy of the MACs and Te Akatea (INC);

  • Help schools/kura/clusters and communities of learning with the development of their cluster proposals, development and implementation plans and their review and evaluation

      • Actively promote the MAC Kaupapa in schools/kura/clusters and communities of learning

      • Demonstrate leadership which enables innovation and the advancement of excellence in the implementation of the MAC Kaupapa

      • Ensure the goals and deliverables of the MAC are achieved

      • Provide professional oversight as appropriate

      • Work with regional facilitators/lead principals to ensure the delivery outcomes are met;

      • Keep abreast of and share relevant professional and cultural readings that support knowledge development and changes to practice of kura/schools/clusters/CoLs

      • Collaborate in the development of resources, strategies and tools to assist schools/kura and clusters to monitor the impact of the kaupapa on Māori student achievement both academic and cultural

      • Collect, analyse and report on the effectiveness of the MAC Kaupapa in your regions of responsibility including the outcomes on Māori student achievement both academic and cultural

      • Prepare and present information/reports on the delivery of the MAC Kaupapa and outcomes to Te Pītau Mātauranga

      • Ensure productive relationships are established and maintained with internal and external stakeholders

      • Demonstrate exceptional relationship building and communication skills, internally and with all external agencies and the community

      • Work with the regional facilitators/lead principals to support and encourage the continuing development of the MACs throughout New Zealand

      • Collaborate in the MAC Kaupapa review and evaluation and the ongoing developments as needs / areas are identified.

      • Assist / Collaborate on the development of procedures, systems and tools that assist with the overall operation of the MAC Kaupapa 

      • Build and conduit relationships with clusters, schools and whanau/hapū/iwi

      • Promote MAC in the regions and nationally

PERSON SPECIFICATION - Criteria for appointment

  •  Be a currently registered teacher

  • Have experience as a high performing principal in New Zealand

  • MOE accredited facilitator (or successful accreditation application)

  • Understand and reflect the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi

  • Have an understanding of Tikanga Māori and the ability to uphold principles of Tikanga Māori in all situations

  • Have an understanding of Te Reo Māori me ona Tikanga and a commitment to growing your proficiency in this area 

  • Have knowledge of Māori values, pedagogy, and research and a commitment to growing this knowledge

  • Have proven leadership of Māori Succeeding as Māori in school contexts

  • Have effective and recognised practice in working with Māori whanau and communities and evidence of effective practice/outcomes for Māori

  • Have mana within own community and within the wider educational community

  • Be able to deliver information that is culturally safe to Māori, Pākehā and other cultures

  • Have experience in leading culturally responsive pedagogy for leaders and teachers

  • Have the ability to walk in both Māori and Pākehā worlds and to grow the knowledge and understandings to strengthen this

  • Bring established connections with hapū / iwi 

  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and achieve goals

  • Can effectively communicate comprehensive information, through written and oral communications and through presentations

  • Practices, promotes and creates a culture that fosters high standards of ethics and integrity

  • Is personally trustworthy, delivers on promises and honours commitments

  • Can demonstrate a commitment to quality and has the knowledge to recommend how to mitigate risks

  • Has a natural open manner and high level of self-confidence that helps generate trust and good working relationships

  • Has strong relational qualities and skills

  • Is a risk taker and a willing learner

  • Is a critical, analytical thinker

  • Is able to coach and mentor others

  • Has cultural and social competence

  • Is willing to work with others irrespective of challenges that present such as a conflict of values

  • Demonstrates the skill of political analysis and advocates for social fairness and justice

  • Has high relational trust, is open, honest and collaborative

  • Has courage, passion, vision and is highly reflective

  • Can use a combination of heart, head and hand...mahunga, ngakau, ringaringa, wairua hoki!

  • Has proven experience across the education sector


Maintains professional and technical knowledge by:

  • Taking responsibility for maintaining professional skills in order to meet professional requirements for the role

  • Undertaking relevant study/training opportunities and encouraging others to do the same

  • Participating in regular performance reviews

  • Assisting others to update their skills


If you wish to apply, please forward a letter of application, your current CV along with two referees to Hoana Pearson (Te Pitau Mātauranga - National MAC Coordinator) hoana@mac.ac.nz or phone 0210664152.


Applications close 11th October 2019