National Wānanga


This is a bringing together of all of our clusters, a uniting of principals, from around Aotearoa to explore and and experience Taranaki history, NZ Land Wars and how this impacted on local Taranaki people and rise of Parihaka as a place of safety, peace and goodwill to all people.


MAC National Wananga 2019 - Taranaki. Click here for photos taken by Bridgette Luke principal of Rahotu Primary School, State Highway 45, Taranaki.

Please click here to access “Pūtake o Te Riri ki Waitara” presentation by Damon Ritai.

Please click here to access “Parihaka Mai Ai” presentation by Damon Ritai.

Owae MaraeNorth Street, Taranaki
15th - 18th September 2019 
Fee $500


On Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi's return to Parihaka after incarceration Te Whiti said "Hoki atu ki ō koutou kāinga, Parihaka Mai Ai" which translates as "Go back to your homes and enact Parihaka's principled practice there".  

Enacting Parihaka-based principled practice is a distinct shift in curriculum from an historical-centric study to a socio cultural practice and community development-based approach.  So with this in mind our theme will be "Parihaka Mai Ai".  

You will be welcomed on to Owae Marae (North Street, Taranaki 4320 click here for map) on Sunday 15 Mahuru at 5pm.

We need to understand the history of the Taranaki Land Wars 1860 to understand how the impact of land loss resulted in the establishment of Parihaka for all people.